• Provided the first scholarships for the Transport Industry
  • Enabled entry to the trucking industry for over twenty trainees
  • Provided survival seminars for companies affected by the drought
  • Assisted industry and met with government re – inequitable taxes on the trucking industry
  • Produced annual industry wall planners for the last eight years
  • Conducted research into the social and economic viability of small trucking operators throughout Australia
  • Presented the results of that research to government
  • Joined the Australian Trucking Association as a member
  • Conducted very successful conferences
  • Donated funds to the Road Transport Hall of Fame at Alice Springs to establish a room dedicated to Women in the Trucking Industry
  • Involved in fundraising for orphaned children
  • Joined two International Trucking/Logistics Groups for women
  • Held functions and seminars in all Australian states
  • Presented at other Industry and realted events/conferences/seminars
  • Represented at various industry Truck and Equipment Shows across Australia