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ATA update

Yesterday the ATA sent out two media releases of particular interest to Transport Women Australia members and friends.

The first was that they were opening nominations for the 2017 National Trucking Industry Woman of the Year Award. This award recognised a strong professional or personal contribution made by a woman within the Australian trucking industry.

Members of TWAL have featured strongly in the past as winners of this prestigious award. So we are asking you to put on your thinking caps and let us know who you think is deserving of such an award.

Secondly, they released the program for Trucking Australia 2017 (TA2017) in Darwin in June this year. As always, it’s a jam packed couple of days with lots of chances to learn new things and meet others in the transport industry. They even have an afternoon session titled “Women in Trucking” which sounds great. These sessions have an open forum component which is the perfect opportunity for those who have ideas and wish to contribute a chance to do so.

If you have been thinking about attending, this would be the one to do. Darwin is a fabulous place to visit, there is so much to see and do up there, the TA2017 program is looking great, and the 2017 National Trucking Industry Women of the Year Award winner will be announced.

here is the link to the ATA’s Trucking Australia Website if you would like to check it out

ATA Trucking Australia 2017


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