“Their Shared knowledge made them wise

Their wisdom made them successful” 

AIM:   Promote professional development among staff entering the workforce and provide opportunities for a career path within the Transport Industry.

PROCESS:   Match young/entry level staff with a mentor from a different department/company they are working in.  This will allow exposure to other areas of the business and provides an independent view to any problems or issues the mentees may have.



  • Give opportunity for Mentors/Mentees to spend time up to an hour together per week
  • Provide assistance and encouragement for trainees to complete their studies
  • Be prepared to spend time with Mentees (suggest one hour per week)
  • Assist Mentees in professional development
  • Make contact with Mentees each week and be approachable for Mentees to discuss any problems they may have.
  • Be committed to Buddy program
  • Complete tasks/goals with agreed timeframe
  • Make contact with your mentor as required (suggest minimum one hour per week)
  • Potential professional development for all parties involved
  • Junior to have a professional approach towards their work and career
  • Stronger understanding and commitment towards their work and business and industry
  • Increased knowledge base between workforce generations
  • Magnify role models with the transport industry
  • Leadership development
“Wherever there are beginners and experts old and young, there is some kind of learning going on, and some sort of teaching.  We are all pupils and teachers”