Western Australia’s new CoR Legislation Information Sessions

Our WA members Vicki Roberts and Cathi Payne attended a meeting with Main Roads WA in July regarding the implementation of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Legislation in WA beginning in March 2014. The Bill has been passed through the WA Parliament already, however, Main Roads WA are currently drafting the regulations. They were at pains to stress that their focus is on education, not punishment for the new regulations. They will be holding briefing sessions and also sending out regular information via email and their website.

For the majority of operators, there will be minimal or even no changes to their daily activities. The regulations are to ensure that all parties in the supply chain are doing their duty with regard to the safe transportation of goods. The general objectives of the Bill are:

~ Improve road safety

~ Reduce infrastructure damage

~ Improve deterrence and enforcement

~ Promote a level playing field for industry

~ Improve business efficiency and compliance.

For the first time, the new legislation will place obligations on all parties in the road transport supply chain – the consignor, consignee, packer, loader and receiver, as well as the driver and owner – to take steps to prevent a breach of road transport law. The legislation will also create a legal liability in relation to such breaches for Directors and senior management in organisations. All persons within the Chain of Responsibility need to demonstrate they had (within the scope of their roles):

~ taken all reasonable steps to prevent a breach;

~ there were no reasonable steps they could have taken to prevent the breach;

~ there was no way they could reasonably expect to know about the breach.

Main Roads WA will be hosting state wide briefing sessions throughout September and October to explain the specific provisions in the legislation and how they may affect your business.

They will be held in Perth, Fremantle, Albany, Narrogin, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Port Hedland and Broome for day (10am) and evening (6pm) sessions. A full list of the sessions is in the link below on page 2

HVO Update 80-2013 – Implementation of Chain of Responsibility Legislation

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